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I don't use facebook -and I never will, its links to people I have never met and know nothing about is both weird and disturbing. Nor do I use a smartphone that knows more about me than I do. Frankly I think people who do are bonkers. George Orwell must be spinning in his grave. He thought it would take a totalitarian dictatorship to make people publish everything about themselves, but apparently millions are prepared to reveal the details of their banal lives on a web site over which they have no control, and to use a phone with an operating system controlled by an organisation that seems committed to the goal;
'To know everything about everyone'

And the organisation behind said 'phone seems a lot closer to achieving that goal than the original users of that mission statement. And if you think the ones named after a popular fruit are any better you are deluding yourself.

Alicia, my long suffering wife, says I'm an anti-social git. But then she's the sort fluffy bunny who does use fb and a phone that knows her favourite brand of underwear so that she can play silly games on it. Seems like a poor bargain to me, but obviously I am just odd. Meantime I plead guilty to recognising my own unimportance, so I am not going to publish details of this unimportance on a web site I don't control.

But I have owned this domain name for many years, so anyone who wants to and can manage to use the aforementioned search engine can get in touch. But before you do please reflect on this. If you used to know me in a previous phase of our lives but we haven't spoken for many years there is probably a good reason for this.

My email address remains 'myfirstname@thisdomain'.

At the present time my working days are taken up with my micro business Red Kite Electrical.

Most of my leisure time I spend sailing.

Recent developments

2015- Our attempt to build a new house actually large enough to live without storing half our possessions was finally completed (at least enough to move in) in April.

I have learnt a lot about fitting out houses -and now know more about attaching full sized sheets of plasterboard to ceilings at 45° than I ever wanted to. As I said last time I updated this page we have been to Bavaria to visit the house manufacturers. Awesome. It puts the amateurishness of British industry in general, and construction in particular into sharp relief.

However, it has to be said that what Germans have achieved in manufacturing prowess, they are somewhat lacking in the trials and tribulations of customer service (conforming rather to national stereotype). More on the detail of building a Hanse House, and getting reasonable levels of support from Hanse Haus to follow.

Alicia is still enjoying being a big noise at Condor Ferries and is based at their head office in Poole. Much as I would like to devote my life to pottering about in my new toy;

Orkney 520

and my not so new toy;


it is not going to happen just at the moment.

All I have to do now is get the various problems in the old place sorted, get it sold and if there is any money left I can return to an area of the country where the economy really functions.

OK enough dyspepsia on the front page. Here is some lower level stuff...

Here are some thoughts about the national lottery Do you pay the stupidity tax?

Why has the West lost the plot in the middle east? The West -Democrats when we like it?

Richard Hall
May 2015